2/6pcs Set Cuticle Remover Kit

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Product description
Professional Salon Quality Cuticle Clipper Kit for Nail art / Manicure / Pedicure
NAIL LIFTER: Double sized nail lifter help cleans dirt that under toenail, lifts toenail, keep nails neatly and prevent future ingrown and nail groove pain.
NAIL CLIPPER FILE: Powerful and sharp clippers cleanly and smoothly cuts ingrown toenails or thick nail. File nails with a smooth touch after treatment.
INGROWN TOENAIL CORRECTOR: Toenail Corrector adopts lever mechanics to change the angle of nail growth. Then the nail will become flattened and widened and not grow inside toenail. 
CUTICLE PUSHER: for pushing and cutting nail cuticle.

Sharp Blades: Sharp blades crafted for clean and even cuts. Sharp jaw clipper head makes a clean snip every time, without pulling or tugging.
Half Jaw: This allows for easy maneuverability in small areas. With this jaw size, you can remove those cuticles and dead skin even in or around small areas that cannot be reached by other nippers.
Perfectly Aligned Blades: Blades are perfectly aligned to cut hangnails or overgrown cuticles cleanly and painlessly.
Spring Action: Tapered spring-action handles allow for smooth, comfortable grip and easy cutting action.
Stainless Steel Built: This premium quality stainless steel built & rust free cuticle cutter is built to last and retain sharpness for a very long period of time.

Follow the Steps:
1.Soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes.
2.Dry wet toes with a clean towel prior before pruning.
3.For brittle nails, make small clips to prevent splitting or cracking.
4.Cut along the nail's natural contour and be careful for the corners with an accompanied nail lifter.